The Environment

From critical, single prototype presentations to comprehensive ongoing P.O.P display campaigns, Colortec Creative Print Solutions (Colortec) possess an enduring commitment to go above and beyond for all of their clients. Colortec has consistently pushed the creative envelope for over twenty years; they integrate the latest printing methods and specialty techniques, while maintaining the integrity and consistency of the highest G7 printing standards. Colortec measured their second annual greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory for the 2014 calendar year. In 2014, Colortec achieved 84% reduction in their emissions from transporting people in 3rd party vehicles, 36% reduction in their emissions from transporting people in company owned vehicles and 19% reduction in their emissions from heat. Their emissions from garbage, paper consumption and equipment also went down considerably and their emission intensity was reduced by 17%. Moving forward, Colortec would like to minimize their emissions by continuing to focus on strategies aimed at electricity, heat, transportation, paper consumption, waste, and staff engagement.