G7 Certified

Colortec is a G7 Master Qualified Company.

What is G7?

G7 Master Seal

Photographers have used gray scales for 
more than 100 years to manage the visual appearance of images. G7 brings the same concept 
to commercial printing. It is a print production process that 
assures a common visual appearance across many print methods and machines.

The G7 method is a printing process used to produce visually accurate color reproduction. It emphasizes matching grayscale colorimetric measurements between processes. The name, G7, stands for Grayscale plus 7 colors: the subtractive colors typically used in printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) and the additive colors (Red, Green, and Blue).

How do we attain the G7 standard?

We regularly measure targets to 
assure your proof or press-sheet 
matches its intended aim at the same target. Aiming at 
the same
target means 
the printed 
will match 
your design! Our production experts can 
work with 
your design 
team to make sure we’re on target 
with G7.

If you are using Adobe Creative Suite to create your designs, you are probably already aiming at G7 without even knowing it!

From magazine ads to 
billboards to bus shelters to marketing campaigns that integrate multiple methods of output demand 
brand color integrity, G7 provides for greater satisfaction 
in managing your high-value brand assets.

Consider the value of G7 to your business

  • Lower costs
  • Greater consistency
  • Faster turn-around
  • Higher quality
  • Less waste
  • Easier reprints