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Colortec Creative Print Solutions offers high-quality digital printing services to customers all over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Colortec is more than a printer, we work as an integral part of your creative team.

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Digital Printing Services

Colortec Creative Print Solutions produces a wide range of digital printing services that go above and beyond our customers' expectations. From banners to wall murals and everything in between, view our suite of services below.

"It has been a pleasure working with Chris and the team at Colortec for many years. They go above and beyond to ensure product quality and timelines are met. I highly recommend them for any printing needs."


Cool Extras


Flat beds, roll to roll printers and a CNC, oh my! Our tools and toys help make us a well-rounded printing and signage supplier.

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G7 Initiative

Colortec Creative Printing Solutions is a G7 Master Qualified Company. Learn more about what makes Colortec G7 Certified.

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Environmental Friendliness

The Environment

We care about this spinning globe and are proud of the way we treat it! We wanted to better understand our environmental impact and ways to reduce it so, in 2013, we partnered with Climate Smart to work towards that goal.

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Climate Smart

Climate Smart has developed a reduction plan targeting all our emission resources – electricity, heat, transportation, waste, paper consumption, and staff engagement – through various emission reduction initiatives.

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