What does our G7 certification mean for your business?

  • Color consistency across a wide variety of substrates and print processes.
  • Stability of brand colors and the ability to match colors with other G7 certified print providers.
  • Less waste and faster turnaround for color critical work.
  • Repeatability year after year.

What is G7?

  • G7 is both a definition of grayscale appearance and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 grayscale definition.
  • G7 is a method to ensure a similar appearance across multiple devices.
  • G7 is used to consistently hit desired color targets.
  • G7 is device independent. The G7 neutral print density curve (NPDC), gray balance definitions and calibration methodology are the same for any imaging technology, regardless of substrate, colorants, screening technologies, etc.
  • G7 is designed to align all processes, substrates, and inks

How do we maintain the G7 standard?

We are recertified annually by Idealliance, the governing body of the G7 program. Additionally, we perform spot checks month-to-month to ensure we are within G7 tolerances.

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