Colortec is more than a printing company, we’re an integral part of your creative team.

About Us

Colortec celebrated 30 years of business in 2018. We started as a traditional screen-printing company in 1988 and as our industry has evolved and changed, so have we.

At the end of 2017, we made the switch to a fully digital print facility adding our new high-speed Agfa Mira UV LED Flatbed.  This bad boy is big, fast and prints clear varnish and white!

Learn more about our talented group, with a combined 245 years experience. Click on a staff member below and find out more about the Colortec family.

The Colortec Family encompasses a group of talented, experienced individuals who work together as a cohesive unit. We are dedicated to guiding you through every facet of your project.

Chris Fetterly


Chris has a lifetime of experience in the printing business. From packing boxes in his youth to gradually learning every aspect of the family business, Chris grew to understand and appreciate the strengths of the Colortec Family.

Chris’ vast knowledge of the printing world lends solidity to the company, and his unfailing dedication to both clients and staff create a strong foundation for this thriving company.

Carlene Fetterly

Sales Manager

Carlene, alongside her brother Chris, has the printing business flowing through her veins.

Carlene’s experience provides her with an unquestionable edge, while her tenacious work ethics and honest approach earn her the respect of clients and colleagues alike. She takes great pride in the strong relationships that she and the team work hard to maintain.

Berdie Fetterly

Office Manager

Berdie wears many hats within the business. After so many years in the business, Berdie understands the importance of balancing work and family, so it is no surprise that her top work priority is maintaining balance. After 30 successful years, we believe that she has more than mastered the art.

Grace Holmes

Production Supervisor

Grace’s motto is “Get ‘r’ Done!” and, believe us, she does. Grace has been the true backbone of Colortec since its inception in 1988.

She is our glue and without her, we would be… well, possibly quieter but very much less interesting. She oversees every aspect of production, and her love, passion, and devotion to both clients and staff ensure that every job goes out perfectly, within budget, and on time – dammit.

Malcolm Luyt

Prepress Supervisor

Malcolm is a family man, through and through, and so it is with pleasure that this creative soul speaks of his extended Colortec Family.

Malcolm has been melding art and technology in this constantly evolving and high paced field since 2002. Malcolm loves sharing the work he played a part in producing and is grateful for the Colortec team’s abilities to transform a client’s idea into a memorable piece.

Cole Reid


Beginning in 1996, Cole has learned, grown, and contributed a great deal in his many years with Colortec. Cole knows that extra time and energy put into prepress will result in a client’s excitement with the finished result.

Cole loves the diversity of Colortec’s many clients, techniques, and services and appreciates the wide array of options at his disposal.

Susan Bliss


Susan has created and grown with Colortec since 1989 and had several years in the printing industry beforehand. Susan’s hunger for creative growth and curiosity for everything new has contributed to the forward-thinking attitude of our company.

Susan breathes life into our projects with her artistic vision, and her trained eye for detail maintains the caliber of everything we produce.

Company History

Our parents, Tad and Berdie Fetterly, started Colortec in the living room of our family home in the summer of 1988. One of the first steps was finding a central location. We settled on the industrial area just north of Burnaby Lake.

We began with one screen printing press, drying racks and a very scary guillotine cutter in a single bay of a warehouse. We had a darkroom and line camera, and all the gear that goes with it. Over the years, as we’ve grown and expanded, the need for more space directly correlated to the addition of new and bigger equipment including large dryer lines and our own screen stretching area. We currently occupy 3 bays in that same warehouse. What was once the office area now houses a portion of our finishing department and Tad’s former office is now the lunch room.

In 1999 we purchased our first, of several, digital roll to roll printer. We installed one of the first large-format flatbed printers in Vancouver, in 2007, adding to our digital capabilities. We were one of the first printers in BC to become G7 certified. It’s clear that as technology has evolved, we have adapted and grown with it.

In 2012, we (Chris & Carlene) purchased Colortec from our parents and enjoy that we are working together every day. Our different skill sets complement each other and we look forward to continuing this journey as our industry evolves.

Early in 2017, we decided it was time to move completely into the digital world. We said goodbye to all our screen printing equipment and installed our largest digital flatbed in December of that year.

The Colortec Family has come full circle over the years but there has always been a dedicated core of employees that have continued to make Colortec what it is today. We strive to not only to meet but to exceed our clients’ needs and are committed to producing quality products we are proud to offer you - from conceptualization to delivery.

"In a busy construction industry, the benefit of having a seamless ordering system for signage and decals is an invaluable resource. Marcon has been working with Colortec for over 10 years and we could not be happier with the ongoing level of customized service we receive from their staff and highly recommend them."


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