The following is a guide for submitting artwork to Colortec. If you have any questions or are concerned that your file may not meet our requirements, please contact your sales representative or our prepress department.

Accepted Formats

We accept press-ready PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign files from Mac and PC. We also accept CAD files in DXF format. Please provide a reference PDF if submitting any of the aforementioned file formats.

Contact the Prepress Department if you have other formats you wish to send.

Design & Layout Requirements

  1.  Build all files to scale, or specify a scaling required for correct output.
  2.  Include a minimum of 1/16” bleed in your artwork when required.
  3.  Include all fonts and links used. If your art is built in InDesign, use the package feature to ensure all components are gathered.


  • For small format work ( 12” x 18” and under ) all bitmap/raster images should be no less than 300 pixels per inch at full size.
  • For large format work ( over 12” x 18” ) all bitmap/raster images should be 75-150 pixels per inch at full size.
  • Please contact the Prepress Department if you have specific questions or concerns regarding a resolution in your artwork.

Color Matching

We provide extensive color management in all of our processes.

We are certified as a G7 Master Printer in our digital workflow. More information on this subject can be found here.

If your job uses specific Pantone spot colors, the Pantone Color Bridge guide is a useful reference as to how your colors convert to a CMYK printing space.

For jobs requiring output on various substrates and equipment, we will strive for consistent color throughout.

If you have printed work you wish us to match to, please provide a hard copy prior to production.

Digital Proofs

We will provide a digital soft proof of your job, generated from the print fi­le, in PDF or JPEG format. These proofs are for Content Approval, not for print quality.

Print Proofs

At your request, we can produce a reduced size printed proof of your large format project and/or a section at full size. This may add additional costs and production time to your job.

Submitting Files

  1. Compile all job elements into a folder on your hard drive, then compress this folder into a ZIP or SIT file for uploading.
  2. If the total size of your compressed file is less than 5mb, you may email your file to us.
  3. If the total size of your compressed file is more than 5mb, use an FTP service such as Dropbox or HighTail to submit.


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